About us
EDP is a wholesaler on the European car market. EDP cooperates exclusively with professional car sales companies, which buy at once several dozen or more cars, as well as with those which order just a single car.

EDP customers are the largest independent car dealers, Internet sellers and dealer groups in most European Union countries. EDP guarantees not only cars at lowest prices, but also full logistic service and all documents needed for car registration.

EDP GROUP offers mostly such car makes as Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Dacia, Nissan, VW and Audi .Our customers can choose between several hundreds of cars available on stock or make the factory orders on special conditions and order cars, which best suit their needs.

We can deliver our cars at the most competitive price within whole Europe (full trucks) and in France, Germany and Poland we can distribute even a single car directly to the dealer whatever his address is.

EDP is one of the Partners of European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders (EAIVT) who regroups major independent car traders and is acting in order to increase the security for suppliers and buyers. EDP customers have the certainty of receiving ordered cars on time, according to specification and with all documents needed for registration.

EDP Group consists of the following companies:

- EDP Estonia (2,500,000 €)
- EDP France (500,000 €)
- EDP Poland (100,000 PLN)
- EDP Rental Kft (500,000 FT)
- EDP GmbH (50,000 €)


Selling cars from the stock, Integrated logistic solutions, Factory orders